We offer a full range of services for sash and casement windows.

Repairs to boxes and sashes:

We can repair your sashes and boxes. We cut out the rotten wood and replace it with new treated wood or fill with 'Repair-care' epoxy resin. It is important to get the rot out as quick as possible, other wise it will spread resulting in more work and costs. Repairs can cost from as little as £40.00

Sash repair Sash repair

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Renew or repairs to cils:

We can replace your rotten cils and replace with new hardwood cils or softwood if you prefer. Or if you have some of the section that is rotten we can repair the cil using the Repair-care system. Again, it is important to get the rot early to stop it spreading and costing you more in the long run.

Cil repair Cil repair

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Renew broken cords:

We can re-cord your sashes. One cord broken, no problem. I will come and re-cord it, quickly with the minimal of disruption. Prices start from £40.00

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Replace pulleys:

Windows not running well. Usually the pulleys have jammed or broken.

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Again windows may need re-balancing. The weights may be too light for today's glass, that is thicker and heavier than the older glass.

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Re-glaze broken glass:

We can come to you and replace your broken glass - offering a wide range of glazing options including low e, laminated, toughened, accoustic, sandblasted and patterned glass.

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Painted Shut:

Often windows have been neglected and painted shut because the cord has broken or it's too rattly, so you will not be getting the full benefit of your sashes. They usually just need to be stripped down and refitted properly.

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Draught proofing:

We can draught proof your sash windows. We renew the parting and staff beads and insert a brush pile so the window is air tight. This also helps with noise reduction and of coarse heating costs.

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Full refurbishment service.

Refurbishment is a complete operational overhaul of the window including a full set of window furniture in brass or chrome.

– Removal of sashes
– Re-balanced
– Re-corded
– Joints strengthened if required
– Parting and staff beads replaced
– Full set of window furniture
– Optional extra’s
– Fully draught proofed
– Security locks
– Decoration arranged

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Replacement sashes

We can make like for like replacement sashes single or double glazed and install these in your original box frames.

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Complete box sash window replacement

We can replace your box sash window including box frame completely using traditional joinery methods and quality timber to match the originals.

Sash replacement Sash replacement

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Spiral Spring balances

I can replace your broken spring balances.

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Casement windows

We can also repair or replace hinged casement windows including locks and furniture, glass, beads and draught proofing.

Other services I can provide include wood and laminate flooring, bathroom and kitchen fitting, built wardrobes, exterior and interior doors as well as most carpentry.

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If you have any questions then contact us via email, or Tel 0117 9565 906 mob 07901 712 560

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